Chicken that has been covered with spices tastes even better when fried. This traditional ungkep fried chicken makes eating even more delicious and addictive. This traditional style fried chicken ungkep is processed using two techniques. Diungkep or cooked with a little water and spices until cooked. Then fried in a lot of oil and hot until crisp.

Unkep seasoning can be used with yellow spices with the addition of turmeric or white spices without turmeric with the addition of palm sugar. The complete spices that seep into the chicken meat make it taste delicious. While the stage of frying in hot oil and lots of it makes the outer skin dry and dry. When bitten, it is crunchy on the skin but tender, juicy and savory on the inside.

Material :

1. 1 domestic/male chicken
2. 3 tbsp vegetable oil
3. 500 ml coconut water/water
4. 2 bay leaves
5. 2 lime leaves
6. 3 cm galangal, bruised



1. 8 red onions
2. 4 cloves garlic
3. 4 pecans
4. 1/2 tsp peppercorns
5. 1 cm ginger
6. 3 cm old turmeric
7. 20 g brown sugar
8. 2 tsp salt


How to make :

1. Cut the chicken into 8 parts. Wash clean then drain until not runny.
2. Seasonings: Grind all the seasoning ingredients until smooth.
3. Heat oil, saute ground spices until fragrant.
4. Add bay leaves, lime leaves, galangal and lemongrass, mix well.
5. Add chicken pieces, stir until stiff.
6. Pour coconut water, cover the pan. Cook over medium heat until the spices are absorbed and the chicken is tender. Remove and cool.
7. Heat plenty of oil in a skillet over medium heat.
8. Fry chicken until dry brown. Lift and drain.
9. Serve the chicken with fried chili or chili sauce and fresh vegetables.


1. In addition to domestic chickens and roosters, young free-range chickens can be used. It’s just that the boiling time will be a little longer.
2. Unkep chicken is cooked, the frying process is only to make the outside crispy. Therefore use hot oil and lots of it so that the chicken does not absorb too much oil.
3. If it will be stored as stock, put the chicken that has been opened in a container with a lid, store in the refrigerator or freezer.

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