Now McDonalds is here again with its newest super delicious menu that you can enjoy starting this Ramadan 2022. What menu is that? Check out the following information, come on! Launching from the official McD website at McDonalds Indonesia , McD is here with its newest menu in 2022 in the form of an Nusantara menu, named Chicken Lengkuas McD.

Galangal chicken itself is a traditional dish from Minangkabau which is very well known throughout the archipelago. Not only that, the spiciness of Sambal Bajak is also enjoyed by many chili enthusiasts, especially those on the island of Java. These two Indonesian dishes combine into a new menu from McD that you can buy starting today (11/4)! Chicken Lengkuas McD itself is a combination of crispy McD Chicken with creamy Galangal which is savory and spicy Sambal Bajak.

This new menu of Chicken Galangal and Sambal Bajak McD is available in a choice of Krispy/Spicy Chicken, including:

  1. Hot 1
  2. Hot 2
  3. PaNas 2 with Fries
  4. Special Hot
  5. PaMer 5
  6. PaMer 7

The new menu of Chicken Lengkuas and Sambal Bajak McD is available for various ways of purchasing, either Dine In, Take Away, Drive Thru, Internal Delivery McD. The new menu of Chicken Galangal and Sambal Bajak McD is only available while supplies last, which is only until May 15, 2022.

So, don’t miss this delicious menu from McD, OK!

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